Mechanical Services

Complete Car Servicing

Carmotive provides a full range of expert car servicing and repairs and will look after you and your car. Here are a list of some repairs our service centre can deliver.

Log Book Servicing

Maintain your log book service schedule a log book service is a broad service guided by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Completing these services helps to preserve your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keep your car in top shape.

Carmotive has been a long time member of the VACC and can assure you that that log book service will meet manufactures specifications.

Full car servicing

At Carmotive we are qualified to fix any type of problem or perform any type of service on your vehicle, from a headlight change to an engine overhaul. We have the full range of car servicing skills and expertise to get your car back on the road using quality parts and second-to-none service.

65 point check up

Carmotive can provide a 65 point safety report upon request to help identify any issues your vehicle may have. This report involves a road test, under hood inspection, under vehicle inspection and an interior/exterior inspection to ensure your safety.

Auto-Tech Training

Carmotive operates a service information system that includes the latest diagnostic techniques that are specifically designed for today's cars. Auto-Tech provides continual training, so our service technicians can stay up to date with modern vehicle technology.

Quality Parts and Quality Service

Carmotive only uses the highest quality parts which meet manufactures stringent quality standards.  Carmotive carefully selects only suitably qualified and equipped staff to work on your car.


Vehicle Inspections - RWC

A vehicle inspection requires a qualified mechanic to visually check over a vehicle with particular attention to its safety and road worthiness. Any areas that may be unsafe or due for replacement are identified and recorded in a certificate or report.

Vehicle inspections are compulsory or required by law in some states. Other people choose to have an inspection voluntarily for peace of mind, safety or even to check the car before the warranty expires.


Brakes and Brake Service

Feel like you are pulling up in a semi trailer every time you brake? A brake service from Carmotive will have you stopping like a dream.

When doing speeds of 100 km/h it can take up to 100 metres to come to a complete stop. So, as you can see, healthy brakes are a critical safety item. It is important that your vehicle braking system is regularly maintained and checked.


Maintain Manufacturer's Statutory Warranty

To maintain your new car manufacturer's statutory warranty the car must be serviced:

  • by qualified staff - our staff are fully qualified mechanics
  • in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications - we follow (and often exceed) the manufacturer's requirements set out in the handbook
  • use genuine or appropriate OEM parts - we always use genuine or appropriate OEM parts

Honesty and Fair Prices

At Carmotive, we explain all of our work in a straight forward manner and we advise you in advance of any extra work that may be needed.